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Dayspring Medical Centre

56 Queen St N, Bolton, ON L7E 2M8

T: 905-857-9797 F: 905-857-9791

Our experienced family Physicians provide a wide range of primary care services to our patients and families. Call us or use the online link below today to book an appointment!

Doctor's Desk


Male and Female Doctors available


For current patients registered at the clinic, We have introduced Online Booking to our website for easier access to appointments with your Family Doctor

Dayspring Walk-in Clinic

All Visits Done by Appointment

Queen St N, Bolton, ON L7E 2M8

T: 905-857-9797 F: 905-857-9791

Welcome to Dayspring Medical Centre, where we work within a team environment to serve your entire family for all of your medical needs. 


The medical staff believes in providing unmatched Health care services to our patients in a friendly, relaxed environment. Our goal is to educate our patients as they play a big role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our Family Physicians provide wide-ranging primary care services while our walk-in clinic ensures we deal with all your urgent care needs. With a Pharmacy conveniently on site, we hope to achieve your health care needs in just one visit. 

Dayspring Pharmacy

56 Queen St N, Bolton, ON L7E 2M8

T: 905-857-0777 F: 905-857-9777

56 Queen St N, Bolton, ON L7E 2M8

Here at Dayspring Medical Centre & Pharmacy, we are dedicated health care professionals driven to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and care. We offer the flexibility to meet each and everyone's individual needs.

We are able to provide convenience and accessibility for a One-stop Medical clinic & Pharmacy to help bring you the best value for your money while maintaining top notch quality products and services. With many years of experience in the field, we would love the opportunity to look after your health and provide you with a wonderful all-round health care experience.

Visit Us Today

56 Queen St N, Bolton, ON L7E 2M8


T: 905-857-9797 F: 905-857-9791


T: 905-857-0777 F: 905-857-9777

Our team of licensed pharmacists and health care specialists is available to consult with you about important health matters and to assist you in selecting exactly which medication or product is right for you.

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