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Mask are Mandatory

Masks continue to be required for all patients.

Please bring your own mask with you to your appointment or we will provide you one for a fee.

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Online Booking

**** Please note Registered Family Practice Patients have access to online booking under their family doctor. Any patient not registered under a family doctor must call the clinic for scheduling.

*** Walk in patients can book online on weekends only at this time to see a Nurse Practitioner.  

As of December 1st the government of Ontario has changed billing and appointment structures for physicians.

In order to reflect those guidelines we unfortunately are required to discontinue phone
appointments as an option. Any visits already scheduled as phone will be left as phone however any new appointments are required to be in-person. 

As was available prior to this, online booking is still available but now without the option of phone bookings.
We apologize for the inconvenience but look forward to seeing you in the clinic. 


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